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I am finally a qualified Children's Nurse. I've been working three long years for this and its finally complete.

On Friday myself and all the other fabulous nurses of my cohort celebrated our achievements. 
The saying 'nurses know how to party' only rings true with this night!

Each and every one of us should be proud of ourselves, and through all the tears, temper tantrums and fears we could not carry on, we pushed through and in a matter of weeks will all be embarking on our new adventures as staff nurses. 

So proud!

Ps. why when you have been drinking do you think a pose with the peace sign, hair tucked behind the ears and tongue sticking out is acceptable?

Things They Do Not Tell You As A Student Nurse

Coming close to the end of my degree has made me reflect on the past three years, I have had a lot of ups and downs but overall i have had the time off my life and i would not change a second of it. This past week i recently met another student nurse who is in the same positions i was in exactly three years ago, we got chatting and she began asking some advice on her degree and some questions she had. So i thought i would make this little list of thirteen things they don't tell you as a student nurse for any of you looking to start your degree this year. 

1. How fast everyone talks. Don't get me wrong i can blabber on just as much as the next person and i am often told i need to slow down when talking; but when i started my first placement every word spoken during ward round was just a gibberish role of medical terminology.

2. You WILL put on weight. If your placed on a ward i can almost guarantee you will put on weight through all the cakes and chocolates bought by parents and family members upon discharge.

3. You forget what lunch is. Some days you are so rushed off your feet that the only choice is to grab a few chocolates on the way to your next patient; as a student i found myself so wrapped up in wanting to experience everything i forgot to eat... until my shift finished then the confectionery stand in the nearby petrol station was my best friend.

4. Your brains memory capacity triples in size. There was many a time that each shift i would have five different patients; which meant five different families, five different conditions, five different treatments. I am not sure how it happens but you become accustomed to it and begin to remember more names than Santa.

5. You will spend the rest of our nursing career applying hand cream to your cracked aging hands; that burning sensation of purell hand sanitiser will always make you scream a little.

6. You immune system becomes stronger than steel. For the first year or so you experience a lot of colds, flu etc but after a while in the hospital environment your immune system is stronger than an ox.

7. You will dream the noises of IV pumps and SATS Monitors. There has been many a time i have been sat quietly or sleeping and heard an IV pump in my bedroom; or whilst shopping in the local supermarket and gone to dash off to attend to my patient on the SATS monitor.

8. There will always be those patients you never forget/ make you cry. There has been many a time i have come home from my shift, crawled into bed and had a good cry. You can't help it sometimes, your only human.

9. The first time someone vomits on your hand you will go green. I was never squeamish before starting my training and i thought i would be fine, but the first time a patient projectile vomits on your hand and arm; it is not pleasant. And trust me it will happen,

10. You will wear the most unflattering, unfashionable, ugly shoes for the rest of your career. I put off buying them for so long because i could not justify spending the money on shoes so ugly, but in all honesty; it is like walking on a cloud of comfortableness.

11. You will have a complete meltdown. And that's ok. Just don't unpack and live in that moment. Step away from the assignment for a few hours, grab some chocolate and a hot drink, pop on netflix and have some you time. Then when you are feeling calmer, resume. 

12. Go up a size in your uniform pants. They may feel like they fit, until you sit down for a while. Uncomfortable does not even come close. 

13. Yes your friends are going out every night, going on girls days out and booking spontaneous weekends away whilst your shoulder deep in books and have only slept eight hours in the past three days but that is ok. You are working towards an amazing career, Short time sacrifice for long term benefits. 

WOW Your Really Really Tall!!!

Yes, to state the obvious i am tall.

My name is Aimee-Leigh Rogers, i am 21 years old and 5ft 10inches tall.

My height has always been my biggest insecurity. Every time someone comments on my height, my heart drops to my feet and my confidence plummets. If i had a £1 for every time i have heard 'aww your so tall' or 'I would hate to be tall' i would be living it up large on a private island with a Corgi puppy and a pool assistant named Hugo.

My height really knocks my confidence as a women sometimes. I am told i shouldn't wear heels because i will be 'too tall' and that i shouldn't date a guy under 6ft tall because 'girls should always be shorter than their boyfriend'. As a women i do not feel attractive or sexy. For years i have crouched over when i walk to make myself appear shorter and only own two pairs of heels in the fear or towering over someone.

I have just got fed up with the comments on my height because on the wrong day, in the wrong mood i may sharply reply with a 'and your really short', When really all they are doing is paying my a compliment. It just sometimes feels like that's all people really see.

I would not even consider myself to be insanely tall. I don't feel like a giant, everything still looks normal slightly higher than 5ft 5. Yes i may look tall and noticeable in heels but what is so bad about that? I like heels. And being 5ft 10 allows me to wear maxi dresses without them dragging on the floor and jumpsuits fit my long legs perfectly. I can see the stage in crowds without standing on my tip toes and i can reach the last packet of double stuffed oreo's on the top shelf in asda without help.

Too many women these days knock each other down for what is not seen as the 'ideal'. If your not a size 6-8, 5ft 5, with a perfectly peachy bum and washboard abs with balyage hair and nude acrylic nails you are made to feel like your far from perfection. This is not the case. I truly believe it is our imperfections that makes us beautiful, Our differences allow us to be different. How boring would the world be if everyone resembled Kyle Jenner?

So here are my top five perfect imperfections that make!

1. My Height, Yes i had to state this due to rambling on didn't i.

2. My Hips. I have big hips. Or as some would call them child bearing hips, Of course i would love smaller hips but that is never going to happen.

3. My Ears. I actually really like my ears, is that weird? I was born with a tiny birthmark on my ear i have never seen anyone else have except my auntie. Special right? Some may see this as an imperfection but i really like them.

4. My Skin. I don't have super clear skin and i do not claim too. Yes i have redness and some acne scars but nothing a bit of concealer wont cover,

5. My Cellulite. Yes i am not afraid to admit i have cellulite, most women do. I like cheese and when my legs start to resemble cottage cheese i am ok with that.

What are your perfect imperfections? What makes

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