About Me

The Aimee-Leigh Rogers Mannifesto 

Im Aimee-Leigh and this is my blog. I am a 22 year old brit who lives in a tiny town, obsessed with my pup Ozzy and genuinely believes that chocolate can solve any problem. Genuinely 

This blog is my little space on the interwebs to release any thoughts i have and record any special moments. I started this blog at a tough time in my life to distract me as i had something to focus on but i found a real love for blogging and now i do it because it interests me and i love the feeling of achieving something i am proud off. I regularly post about makeup, food and genuine day to day life. Im still a newbie to the blogger community so i still feel like i am finding my feet and getting the hang of it.  

I really hope you enjoy reading. Any comments or suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Enjoy your stay.


2 comments on "About Me"
  1. Hiya hun, love your blog! I want to study Children's Nursing at Uni, and was wondering if there is any tips or advice you could give me? Thanks in advance hun XX

    1. Hi chick, Thankyou very much. Yayy, you wont regret it, it is so rewarding and enjoyable. Is there anything in particular you want to know hun?
      You can email me at aimeeleighrogers20@gmail.com
      Hope to hear from you soon

      Good luck xx


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